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Dismantling and export of construction debris


Dismantling and export of construction debris

The final stage of dismantling-elimination of construction debris-not such a simple task, as it seems at first glance. Remnants of dismantled structures must be collected and packed in garbage bags, transferred and loaded into the body of freight transport, and then-take out in a specially designed place for further utilization.

How is transporting one-piece elements, for example, if the future of their use is planned? In order to fix the cut element of concrete, it is fixed with an electrotelfer, which allows you to hold the cut part, and then make it lowered or lifted. The cut is done. Cut elements are transported in the closer to the exit, where the boot manipulator in the body of freight transport. On the link you can see the video about this stage of our work.

Rapid development of construction industry in Ukraine is accompanied by daily cutting of hundreds of tons of reinforced concrete daily. This reinforced concrete is transformed into debris that need to be quickly take out. We see in this building material and offer not harm to the environment and use the cut concrete for useful purposes, for example, if you build the foundation for the House… Read more about this in the video.