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Diamond Drilling


Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling of concrete is carried out by diamond crowns-empty steel cylinders of different diameters with attacking diamond cutting segments on the end. Drill device is attached to the frame, which, in turn, is fastened to the wall or to the floor with the help of anchors.

During drilling in the diamond crown under pressure fed water, which cools the segments of the temperature friction. In cases where it is necessary to avoid water spreading, water collector is used with the connected universal vacuum cleaner. The technology of diamond drilling allows to drill holes in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, etc. Building materials close to the walls, floor, ceiling, at an angle and great depth. Even when drilling heavily reinforced concrete are perfectly equal “polished” hole exactly the desired diameter. If you want to drill holes of great length, use the extension cords of drill crowns. Extenders are designed to extend the rotor installation of diamond drilling in the case if the length of the Crowns is not enough (the standard length of the diamond Crown is 40-50 cm depending on the manufacturer). Thanks to the possibility of applying extension cords to diamond crowns, drilling depth can reach several meters.

Drilling of large depth holes can be carried out both in the floor and ceilings (vertical), and in the horizontal plane-in the walls, foundations, etc.