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Diamond Cutting


Diamond Cutting

Services of the company “Ayditi-Ukraine” on the diamond cutting cuts and dismantling of reinforced concrete structures are provided with the use of professional equipment of the high-class company HILTI, which allows to ensure an accurate correspondence of the results to the task in compliance with all necessary standards. And the use of the tool with diamond segments of only the highest quality, makes it possible to cut even high-reinforced concrete relatively easily and without vibration. The supply of water under pressure in the cutting zone for cooling the tool leads to a complete absence of dust. How to perform such a diamond cutting concrete you can see here. 

To ensure full and operational work of our specialists from the customer should adhere to some conditions:
-Ability to supply a continuous three-phase power supply 380 V, 32 A;
-Provision of uninterrupted water supply by any of these methods-centralized water supply system, well or container with water volume not less than 1 cubic meters for the use of the pump;
-clearly marked marking all the necessary incisions directly on concrete, reinforced concrete or brick.

In order to avoid further difficulties with the export of cut-off elements, be sure to take into account the mass and volume of the dismantled part of the wall, overlap, foundation or opening.

  • The maximum depth of cutting depending on the equipment and the diameter of the diamond disc can reach 73 centimeters with access on one side and more than 1 meter with the possibility of installing the equipment on both sides
  • The dust of the working area is insignificant
  • Relatively low noise level and minimal dynamic loads and vibrations in the underlying material
  • Geometrically accurate and perfectly smooth cut in full accordance with made markings
  • High performance and cutting speed