Drilling of concrete with great depth

Diamond drilling of concrete is carried out by diamond crowns-empty steel cylinders of different diameters with attacking diamond cutting segments on the end. Drill machine or hold in your hands (with diameters up to 120 mm) or fixed on the frame, which, in turn, is fastened to the wall or to the floor with the help of anchors. It is also possible to use vacuum fastening if it is impossible to install anchors and sufficient evenness of the surface of the base material.

During drilling in diamond crown water is fed, which cools the segments from high temperature arising due to friction. In cases where it is necessary to avoid water spreading, the water collector is used with the connected universal saw dust. Diamond drilling technology allows drill holes in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick and other building materials close to the walls, floor, ceiling, at an angle and at great depth. Even when reinforced concrete drilling are perfectly equal “polished” holes of the required diameter. If it is necessary to drill holes of great length (longer than the standard length of the crown)-use special extenders of drill crowns. Thanks to the possibility of applying extension cords to the diamond crowns, the drilling depth can reach 8-10 meters. The maximum depth that the specialists of our company drilled in one of the objects was 8 meters. It should also be noted that deep drilling of concrete and other similar materials is possible, starting with a diameter of a few mm more than the diameter of the extension cord (usually 62-67 mm).

Drilling of large depth holes can be carried out both in the floor and ceilings (vertical), and in the horizontal plane-in the walls, foundations, etc.