Dismantling and export of construction debris

In a constantly changing world, building objects are no exception. Their appointment is changing, new trends appear, mistakes are corrected, old buildings are reconstructed. All these processes are usually accompanied by the dismantling of existing structures. Methods of dismantling can be very diverse, from high-tech cutting of concrete using diamond tools, to breaking down and destruction by Jackhammers.

The company “Ayditi-Ukraine” thoroughly owns all existing methods to date. Everything is determined by the technical task of the customer. For our part, we are ready to advise you to determine the most expedient way of dismantling taking into account the timing, cost, volume of work.

In the process of dismantling an inevitable formation of large quantities of debris and waste. Offering comprehensive solutions to tasks, we will not only perform work on dismantling, but also ready to organize the export of construction debris.