Installation of chemical anchors

One of the most important and priority directions of the production activity of the company “Ayditi-Ukraine” is the installation of chemical anchors HILTI and closely associated with it the technological process of the aging, i.e. pasting into the existing concrete and concrete objects of armature issues for strengthening, reconstruction and restoration, as well as solving problems with missed or improperly executed reinforcing releases.

Different types of of basic materials correspond to their types of adhesive compositions. In addition, in order to avoid catastrophic errors when choosing the appropriate type of chemical anchor, we must clearly understand the character and size of the subsequent loads. For example, when mounting in a hollow or full-bodied brick, the manufacturer recommends using the HIT-HY 70, and for pasting threaded pins or fittings in the concrete, based on the required diameters (from 8 mm to 39 mm), apply HIT-HY 200 or HIT-RE500, the latter, in turn, can be installed in water-saturated concrete, allows for a higher ability and can be installed in the drilled diamond hole technique without special preparatory operations , but has a much larger curing time. For versatile use, you can use anchor HIT-MM Plus. Lack of odor allows to carry out installation indoors.