Features of the diamond drilling concrete installations

Diamond drilling (or drilling) of bricks, concrete and natural stone-is a rather complex technological process that has received widespread distribution in construction sites relatively recently, but quickly won the placement of professional builders. There is nothing surprising in this. The use of diamond segments in the construction tool greatly simplifies many types of construction work, and some operations and generally impossible by another way. What other qualities can “boast” modern installations for diamond heating? First of all, it should be noted almost complete absence of vibrations, both the instrument and the treated surface. At the popularity, which has gained a modern monolithic construction, this is a very important factor. In reinforced concrete shock load at one point is transmitted throughout the design, and a diamond tool allows you to solve the problem of the drilling of large diameter holes Withoutshock method. It follows one more advantage-a relatively low level of noise in the processing of modern building materials, including high-quality reinforced concrete. Another important circumstance is the lack of dust in the drilling working area, which in turn allows you to apply this equipment in rooms with finished processing. In this case, the holes are perfectly smooth without chips and cracks, which makes it possible to save on finishing materials. A high rate of itching, which is from 1 to 6 centimeters per minute, depending on the material, the power of installation and the quality of the consumables, in turn, drives and to save working time.

Modern installations for diamond drilling of concrete belong to the class of professional equipment of a sufficiently high price range, but it should be borne in mind that this is a high-tech equipment, for the manufacture of which there are certain requirements for the quality of component parts, safety of operation and service. As a rule, in any decent attention of the company-manufacturer in the model row there are several installations, oriented to a certain purpose and task. The consumer must clearly understand, under what types of work to buy a tool. First of all, you should pay attention to the materials that you plan to use, the range of holes diameters, operating intensity, availability of consumables, as well as service.