Diamond cutting of concrete and other solid building materials

Modern construction technologies involve the widespread use of so-called “diamond cutting.” What is this method of finishing the mineral building materials, which primarily include different types of concrete, bricks and natural stones?

The sharp is called “diamond” because it is used for both manual and stationary fixing equipment with special discs, in which the main cutting element is the diamond segment. This hard material is created as a combination of synthetic (artificial) diamond and special binder. Research through the selected characteristics of segments allow to process different brands of concrete, bricks, granite, marble and other types of mineral materials.

It should be noted that in order to cool the diamond can be used different liquids, but most often it is water. The fact is that in the process of working under the influence of friction disks are heavily heated and when you reach a certain temperature of uncooled diamond is transformed simply into coal, loses its properties and crumbles. Therefore, almost all machines for diamond cutting concrete are equipped with a device for feeding into the working area of water under pressure. This feature of technology has another useful quality-avoids dust formation in the process of work.

For cutting, different in its hardness and density materials, use diamond discs with different type of segment, which in each case are designed to provide maximum cutting performance and resource. Ordering work with diamond cutting is very important to consider the following:

-Providing clear and understandable marking on the surface of concrete (reinforced concrete) saves not only the time of the performer, but also eliminates the possibility of a misunderstanding after the work done and you always have a way to check the compliance of delivered task and the resulting result;

-The presence of water supply is a necessary factor for the implementation of diamond cutting, but there is always an alternative, for example, a mobile container with water for the possibility of using a pump and a hose;

-The ability to connect a three-phase voltage 380 in 32/63 A (depending on the power of the Stenodifferent machine) is also a necessary condition, as an alternative can use a diesel generator or connect from a remote switchboard, but you need to use a cable with increased cross-section and length.