Professional diamond cutting and drilling of concrete without dust

Modern installations for diamond drilling and steppers of concrete cutters allow you to almost completely eliminate the vibration in the process. Much lower and the noise generated by this type of equipment. And that is quite wonderful-they allow to perform work without the formation of large amounts of dust. This is achieved by supplying water to the work area of the cutting tool, whether it is a diamond crown for drilling, or a diamond blade for cutting.

It is necessary to note the following, depending on the working conditions and wishes of the customer, the use of water or simply dries in a natural way, or with the help of special collectors collected and disposed of. This method of drilling holes allows, for example, to lay communication in areas with already finished finishing works.

I would like to draw your attention to another important circumstance. Having excluded the object crashing perforators and jackhammers, getting rid of vibration and a huge amount of dust, the result will be a big win in time.

In the first case we have crashing of jackhammers and clouds of dust flying around, as well as a large number of workers employed in the process for a long time. In the second case, everything is organized quite differently. Moreover, if necessary, resulting in cutting fragments of concrete floors are quite suitable for reuse as structural elements.