Proceed to dismantling

A person is inherent in the pursuit of everything new. Construction belongs to the few areas in which the creation of new objects is often associated with a complete dismantling or deep reconstruction of the old. A lot of buildings that have no historical value, just come into disrepair. And quickly change in modern conditions, the new building can change its purpose even during construction. Even a simple redevelopment of the room with the extension window or doorways requires considerable effort and cost. And since the vast majority of buildings built of brick, concrete or natural stone, there is a question of how to solve these problems. From scrap and sledge hammers mankind quickly passed to high cutting technologies with the help of diamond tools. Not excluding the use of jackhammers when dismantling, and widely applying them in practice, however, we recommend using the possibilities of diamond cutting concrete and brick as often as possible. The advantages of this technology are obvious:

-Absence of vibration avoids additional loads on the main structure;

-Noise level considerably below the level of noise of jackhammers;

-Absence of dust;

-High performance;

-The accuracy and cut quality can significantly reduce the cost of further processing of the treated surface;

-the possibility of secondary use of materials obtained as a result of dismantling.

Dismantling in urban conditions requires compliance with very stringent conditions and execution of strict norms, as the work itself, and for further disposal of waste and construction debris. Many years of experience of our company allows qualified to solve such problems, offering the customer various options with justification and calculations for the cost and timing.

We should not forget that dismantling works must be carried out in compliance with safety rules. Very often the dismantling is carried out at a height or in a limited space, and the weight of fragments can be significant. The absence of certain skills, special tools and equipment can lead to tragic consequences. The material base of our company allows you to make demolition buildings, disassembling the foundation, cutting columns and floors quickly and efficiently, in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Before starting work on dismantling special attention should be paid to such points:

-All the necessary documentation for work conduct must be agreed and approved in the relevant instances;

-presence in the area of work of various communications (water supply, sewerage, power supply and other engineering systems);

-Opportunities and methods of waste removal and construction waste;

-Preservation of building materials for their secondary use.

Each building object is unique, has its own peculiarities and nuances. Trusting the performance of work to professionals, you get the opportunity to insure yourself against unnecessary risks, from additional costs for further processing and correction of errors. The customer needs a clearly formulated task, and we will offer several options for solving it. Technical equipment of our company allows you to do this. Choosing from the proposed methods most suitable for terms and expenses, you will receive a qualitative order fulfillment.

Trying, on the internet, find “where cheaper” dismantling services, cutting openings, drilling holes in concrete and brick, I recommend to remember that there is also stored “free cheese”. For unscrupulous performers, the hiding of unknown customer “pitfalls” serves as an additional source of earnings. And when, finally, the work is finished, you, having calculated all your expenses, suddenly find it surprised that the cheapest performer cost very expensive. Do not repeat others ‘ mistakes, contact the professionals who will be a clear and absolutely transparent estimates in accordance with your wishes, which have years of experience and cherish their reputation.